9 Temmuz 2017 – Polonya’nın Krakow şehrinde gerçekleştirilen UNESCO 41. Dünya Miras Komitesi toplantısında, Afrodisias Arkeolojik Alanı’nın UNESCO Dünya Mirası Listesi’ne kaydedilmesine karar verildi.

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Aphrodisias Tarihçesi ve İlk Kazılar

History of Aphrodisias & Excavations

The city took its name from the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. The...

Aphrodite Tapınağı

Temple of Aphrodite

It is clearly said that the temple of Aphrodite is the most important...



It can be said that this monumental door, located to the east of the temple and on the...

In 1987, the UNESCO World Heritage List, which entered the city of Aphrodisias, the year 2004, by a jury of experts has entered the top ten list of the ancient city.

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Aphrodisias Müzesi

Aphrodisias Museum

It clearly seen that works, found in the excavations of the Aphrodisias, have been exhibited...

Antik Tiyatro

Antique Theatre

The most important issue for Prof. Dr. Erim, who decided to stay the...



Aphrodisias, once the capital of the province of Lydia, was located 38 km south of Nazilli and...



Besides the Aphrodisias Stadium is the city’s best-preserved and most...