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History of Karacasu

Karacasu District is a very old settlement. It is not known exactly when the settled life started in the region. However, the historical artifacts of Karacasu Afrodisias Antique City and its surroundings are considered to date back to 5-6 thousand years.

According to Byzantine sources, the transition to the hands of the Turks and the surrounding area of ​​the Turks and the settlement of the Turkish tribes in the region after the Battle of Malazgirt Square. From the historical sources, the Eymür tribe belonging to the Dağhan family of the Seljuk tribes had settled at the location of Ataeymir district. Ayhan tribe in the village of Yazirli Yazirli and around the country have acquired; kur Karasül ”Carvings of these sizes, ın Karacasu Village an is understood to have been established in the neighborhood of Cuma District of our district.

11-13. Between the centuries, the region passed into the hands of the Seljuks four times, and the Karacasu lands were settled by the Turkmen tribes; The region was dominated by the Menteşe Principality for a while, and then by the Aydınoğulları Principality. II. Murat added the Karacasu lands to the Ottoman Karacasu Empire; Karacasu, which is the “Bucak” of Nazilli in 1864, has been connected to the province of Aydın as “District cak since 1867.

Karacasu District is located in the valley between Babadag to the east and Karıncali Mountain to the west and approximately 40 km long valley with mountainous and rough terrain.

Denizli-Babadağ is located in the east of Karacasu District, 90 km from the city center, Aydın-Bozdoğan in the west, Aydın-Kuyucak in the north, Denizli-Tavas and Kale districts in the south.

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