Karacasu İdari ve Sosyal Durum

Administrative and Social Situation of Karacasu

Administrative Status

Karacasu, which is the “township” of Nazilli in 1864, is connected to the province of Aydın in 1867. There are 4 municipalities, 29 villages in the province, namely Merkez (City Center), Ataeymir, Geyre and Yenice. There are 15 neighborhoods in the district center, 3 in Ataeymir, 3 in Geyre district and 4 in Yenice district.

Social Status

Karacasu, an old residential unit, is a classic house type wood, and in recent years there has been an intense increase in the construction of reinforced concrete houses. There are 60 public housing and social housing in the district center.

There is a uniform social life in the district. The low level of income of the population, the fact that the economic activities are mostly based on agriculture and animal husbandry and the young population migration created by it, becoming a city where the retired people live, the lack of social opportunities such as cinema and theater vanc etc. can be considered as the main reasons of the monotony in social life.

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