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Ara Güler (born August 16, 1928, Beyoğlu, İstanbul) is a Turkish photographer, photo journalist and writer of Armenian origin. As a child she was very impressed with the cinema. In 1951, he graduated from Getronagan Armenian High School. While in high school, he worked in film studios in every branch of filmmaking. In addition to Muhsin Ertuğrul, he began studying theater and acting. His aim was to become a director or playwright. In 1950, he began working as a journalist in Yeni İstanbul Newspaper. In these years, stories were published in Armenian newspapers and literary journals. At the same time, he was attending İstanbul University Faculty of Economics. But he decided to become a photographer and journalist.

Until 1961, he worked as a photography department chief in Hayat magazine. In 1961, Photography Annual, published in England, described it as one of the top seven photographers in the world. In the same year he was admitted to the American Magazine Photographers Association and was the only member of this organization from Turkey. Photographs were used in very important publications of the world of photography, itself was mentioned. He has opened several exhibitions in USA, Germany and Paris. In the meantime, Bertrand Russell photographed many celebrities such as Winston Churchill, Arnold Toynbee, Picasso, Salvador Dali and made interviews.

In 1979, Turkey Journalists Association received the first prize in photojournalism branches. In 1980, some of his photographs were published by Karacan Publishing. In 1986, he was published by the Hurriyet Foundation. He photographed the book of Mimar Sinan written by Abdullah Kuran. This book was published in 1987 by the Institute of Turkish Studies in English.

In 1989, Hil Publishing published Ara Güler’s Filmmakers book. Photographs of Mimar Sinan’s works he worked on for years were published in 1992 as Edition Arthaud in France, Thomas and Hudson in USA and UK, Turkish Style by Archipelago Press in Singapore, and Demeures Ottomanes de Turquie in France by Albin Michel publishing house. The World Group of Companies published Old Istanbul Memories in 1994, Colors Lost in 1995. In 1994, Ana Yayıncılık published a book titled inde Passed This Way, Hail the Remembrance Ana and Ana Earth in Their Faces a in 1995.

Most of Ara Güler’s photographs are exhibited in various museums in France, USA and Germany. He used the Leica machine in his photos. He thinks that photography is not a branch of art.

Journalists Nezihe Tavlaş the photo’s legend Ara Guler told his life Photojournalist full 343-page book in the event that Ara Güler was born days have witnessed so far in chronological order when describing a hand Ranks Turkey’s 80-year history. At the end of the book is a river interview with Ara Guler and includes photos from the family album.

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