Karacasu Coğrafi Yapısı

Geographical Structure of Karacasu

Karacasu District is located in the valley between Karadalı Mountain in the east of Babadağ to the east and Karacasu on a mountainous and rough terrain.

Denizli-Babadağ is located in the east of Karacasu District, 90 km from the city center, Aydın-Bozdoğan in the west, Aydın-Kuyucak in the north, Denizli-Tavas and Kale districts in the south.

The most important stream of the district is the Dandalaz Stream, which has left the village of Dedeler and poured into the Büyük Menderes River.

The altitude of the town is 600 meters and the highest point is Karıncalı Mountain. The area of the district is 782 km². The climate of the district carries the characteristics of the Mediterranean climate. However, due to the relatively high altitude, the winter season is colder than the other regions of Aydın Province and the summer season is cool and dry.

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